Simplicity, Patience And Compassion: These Three Are Your Greatest Treasures

Photo: made with Canva using my own artwork as background

The title is a quote of what the famous Lao Tzu once said. And I fully agree with him.

Looking at our world we almost seem to live in precisely the opposite.

We make things overly complex. Everything has to happen fast and looking at the way we interact with each other and ourselves, compassion is not at the top of our priority list.


I like to ask questions. Because questions help me to make things simple. Often, a lot of unnecessary turmoil arises in situations because we forget to ask questions that lead to the core of the problem.

Making things simple is also scary. What remains if we recognize that things are really simple? There will be no longer a layer of unnecessary complexity to protect you.

Then things will be just as they are.

When things can be as they are there is no longer a need to be complex. There is just the reality of how things are.


What can I say about this? Maybe the hardest of all these treasures. But aren’t they all hard to live by?

Who wants to be patient when we can have it all right now? Become successful overnight, earn money passively, buy stuff with one mouse click? Get 1000 followers in just one week?

But does this really satisfy us? Are we happier because we have all this instant gratification?

I don’t think this makes us happier. The satisfaction that comes this way is only short lived and shallow.

Our soul longs for depth and slow growth. It wants this gradual building up of tension. Like the mindful and slow preparation of a exquisite meal or a beautiful piece of music that takes us by surprise. Or this long slow kiss that never seems to end.

There is something special in preparation. A ritual like a tea ceremony is all about the steps and the attention one gives to these steps in the moment they occur. It is not about the end result or winning! There is so much beauty in that!


I recently wrote an article about self compassion. It is all about a radical acceptance of and love for ourselves.

Of course when we practice this in relation to ourselves we will to begin to relate to other people in the same way.

Then we will forgive others because we learn to forgive ourselves. After all we are only human.

To love ourselves is often made suspicious in our world. Suspicious because somehow we all got entangled in a sort of saviors complex. We put others first. And this complex stems from our childhood where we had to save our parents or else we wouldn’t be loved.

But as this complex lets go we no longer want to keep on saving our world. We just love ourselves and love others. And loving is not saving but letting others be as they are.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find some gold nuggets in this piece!

I am curious to know what you think. Do you think that these are treasures? What do they mean to you? Let me know in a comment.

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